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Broad Market Potential

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In addition to broad appeal in industrialized nations, SelfPap™ has wide appeal across cultural, civic and religious boundaries in emerging markets,

developing countries, and in the non-profit sector. While the medical device industry is growing rapidly, demand comes primarily from major cities. Penetration in smaller cities, towns and rural areas remains low, owing mainly to lack of affordability, accessibility, awareness and availability.

The birth of the healthcare consumer: Growing demands for choice, engagement, and experience

 by Jaime Estupiñán, Ashish Kaura, and Keith Fengler Published: October 14, 2014

 There’s a new boss in U.S. healthcare: the consumer. That’s the key finding in an extensive survey of 2,339 U.S. residents by Strategy&. The research paints a clear picture of a population displeased with its overall healthcare experience — and with rising expectations for transparency, value, and customer service, as well as a willingness to seek healthcare services from less traditional sources. The healthcare market as we know it is being upended, and the consumer is in the driver’s seat.

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