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Business Opportunities Introduction

Business-GainsSelfPap’s™ affordability and accessibility will allow for unprecedented penetration into all markets, including small towns, socioeconomically challenged, and highly rural areas. With the availability of the SelfPap™ kit, governments, groups and institutions will be able to offer self-screening to women. In the developed world this translates to reduced costs and increased access to women’s cervical cancer, HPV and STD/STI screening. In third world countries these same benefits will apply in addition to the ability to tailor ancillary testing specific to geographic and sociographic prevalence of viral/ bacterial/fungal disease.

In addition to broad appeal in industrialized nations, SelfPap™ has wide appeal across cultural, civic and religious boundaries in emerging markets, developing countries, and in the non‐profit sector. While the medical device industry is growing rapidly, demand comes primarily from major cities. Penetration in smaller cities, towns and rural areas remains low, owing mainly to lack of affordability, accessibility, awareness and availability.

SelfPap’s™ opportunity to penetrate these areas is one of its many unique strengths, owing to the fact that it is more affordable, can be more easily accessed, and can be promoted / purchased through numerous convenient venues including direct to consumer, in-store, healthcare centers, laboratories, or direct to consumer via mail. Universally applicable, SelfPap™ is designed to be distributed via international aid organizations, non-profits and entities benefiting women’s health worldwide.

Personal Health Management, LLC has several business and sales models that can be tailored to specific needs in diverse markets. Not only do we have the ability to impact women’s health through prevention but we can also have a profound impact on local economies by reducing the cost of treatment through prevention while also creating jobs.

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